What is a senior move manager?

A senior move manager is someone who helps older adults and their families with the process of moving and/or aging-in-place.  Senior move managers can handle the physical and emotional aspects of a move in order to provide a smooth transition to your new home.


Why should I hire a senior move manager?

Moving is an emotionally and physically draining process that can take several months or even years.  Often the responsibility of care and its costs fall to the adult children.  In the past, families lived in one geographical area and were able to help one another easily.  Modern families are spread all over the country, which can prohibit adult children from fully participating in their parent’s downsize or move.  Senior move managers can help to alleviate the strains of long distances and busy adult children by providing a caring and compassionate person to manage the moving process.  A moving company will only pack up the possessions in your home.  A senior move manager will guide the homeowner through the many detailed and physically exhausting steps of moving to ensure a low stress transition.


Can Carative Move Managers help me find a new place to live?

Carative’s Move Managers are knowledgeable in the various options for senior living and can offer guidance during the selection process.


How can Carative Move Managers help if I move out of the area?

Carative Move Managers can handle one end of your move and can refer you to a senior move manager to handle the other end.  Carative Move Managers often works hand in hand with senior move managers throughout the country.